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Freed orcas not out of harm’s way yet

The killer whales trapped in the ice in northern Quebec appear to have left the area, but they may not be out of harm’s way yet.

Lyne Morissette, a marine researcher with the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, said the ice can move quickly, and while a split in the ice opened a pathway for the whales, the orcas are still inside the ice-covered Hudson Bay.

When two hunters, Jobie Epoo and Jamisee Weetaluktuk, went to check the ice before 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, they discovered the whales were gone.

Inukpuk said he is thankful to all those who offered to assist his community and help free the killer whales.


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The United States of America set an off-the-charts heat record in 2012. Nineteen states set yearly heat records in 2012. U.S. temperature records go back to 1895 and the yearly average is based on reports from more than 1,200 weather stations across the Lower 48 states. “A picture is emerging of a world with more extreme heat,” said Andrew Dessler, a Texas A&M University climate scientist.