Twitter’s real time data cruncher is made of people

The best way to understand the new flood of searches, Twitter has come to appreciate, is by putting people to work. As a company Twitter obviously can’t help itself and has labelled its use of Amazon Web Services‘ Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing service “a real-time human computation engine”. Much of the work to deliver work to judges is automated. The post also reveals that the judges Twitter hires work just about full time for the company.


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It’s not a Google delegation. Eric Schmidt has said several times that he’s there on a personal trip and not representing Google.

Jean H. Lee

PYONGYANG, North Korea – Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Wednesday that his delegation is pressing North Korea to put a moratorium on missile launches and nuclear tests and to allow more cellphones and an open Internet for its citizens.

Richardson told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview in Pyongyang that the group is also asking for fair and humane treatment for an American citizen detained in North Korea. Also on the trip is Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

“The citizens of the DPRK (North Korea) will be better off with more cellphones and an active Internet. Those are the three messages we’ve given to a variety of foreign policy officials, scientists” and government officials, Richardson said.

Most North Koreans have never logged onto the Internet, and the country’s authoritarian government strictly limits access to the World Wide Web.

Richardson has said the delegation is…

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Scientists Extend Einstein s Relativity To The Universe s First Moments

To extend the reach of Albert Einstein‘s theory to such extreme regimes, researchers have developed a theory called loop quantum gravity. Beginning in the 1980s, Abhay Ashtekar, now at Pennsylvania State University, rejiggered Einstein’s equations to make them quantum-friendly. Ashtekar’s team now says that by extending loop quantum gravity techniques it has bridged the gap between the big bounce—which is in the Planck regime—and the onset of inflation and that it can explain those all-important ripples without which you and I wouldn’t be here.


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I want one of these

The United States of America set an off-the-charts heat record in 2012. Nineteen states set yearly heat records in 2012. U.S. temperature records go back to 1895 and the yearly average is based on reports from more than 1,200 weather stations across the Lower 48 states. “A picture is emerging of a world with more extreme heat,” said Andrew Dessler, a Texas A&M University climate scientist.

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