Worst Song Ever Written?

Will.i.am + Britney = Worst Song Ever Written?


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“Simply keeping one’s private sex life to oneself and avoiding making advances on fellow scouts would have been good enough. Sure, it sounds “repressive,” but we all have to make concessions from time to time.”


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I’ll never use Google Reader again, I’ve found something better!

I’ll never use Google Reader again! Why? Because I’ve found something better! An ever better RSS reader than Google Reader.

What is it? It’s not My Yahoo! or Netvibes, it’s NewsBlur! NewsBlur is awesome! It’s Awesome on the Web at NewsBlur.com, it’s awesome on Android using the NewsBlur Android app, and it’s most likely awesome on the iPhone or iPad, but since I don’t have and iPhone or iPad I can’t find out. But you can! Download NewsBlur, did I mention it was awesome.

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NASA says the asteroid Apophis won’t collide with Earth in 2036.

“Our interest in asteroid Apophis will essentially be for its scientific interest for the foreseeable future.”

As of Friday, NASA had pegged the chances of Apophis impacting Earth on Easter Sunday in 2036 as 1 in 10.9 million.

However, close shaves with asteroids are a pretty common occurrence for Earth.

Apophis is an asteroid of significant scientific interest, though. The European Space Agency’s Herschel observatory, currently in orbit around Earth, made new observations of Apophis during its latest approach.

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Freed orcas not out of harm’s way yet

The killer whales trapped in the ice in northern Quebec appear to have left the area, but they may not be out of harm’s way yet.

Lyne Morissette, a marine researcher with the St. Lawrence Global Observatory, said the ice can move quickly, and while a split in the ice opened a pathway for the whales, the orcas are still inside the ice-covered Hudson Bay.

When two hunters, Jobie Epoo and Jamisee Weetaluktuk, went to check the ice before 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, they discovered the whales were gone.

Inukpuk said he is thankful to all those who offered to assist his community and help free the killer whales.


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Kepler Spots Possible Alien World In Zone That Could Support Life

“This was exciting because it’s our [first] habitable-zone super Earth around a sun-type star,” Kepler astronomer Natalie Batalha said on Tues. at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society, according to Space. KOI 172.02 is just one of 4 newly identified super-Earth-sized planets among the 461 new planet candidates recently discovered by the Kepler mission.


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Cadmus, a real-time service that manages your stream

Cadmus is a real-time service that manages your stream (Twitter, and RSS) by displaying the most relevant content since the last time you checked in. It helps you get caught up on what you have missed.


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